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Upon joining our school your child will be welcomed to try a FREE taster session. Our classes have been created as a 2 class package to enable our new students a greater learning opportunity. This means that if you sign up to our Thursday sessions then your child will attend 2 sessions and likewise with our Wednesday and Saturday sessions. Upon completing your free taster session you will be on a pay as you go plan whilst your child settles into our school and then moved over to a monthly direct debit basis which includes a class discount.

We offer beginner and junior classes to new students based off their age/ability and we can advise the most suitable classes for your child upon their enrolment. If you have any questions regarding the difference between our beginner and junior classes we are more than happy to provide more information.

Our classes are split into "Half Board" and "Full Board" packages and you can increase or decrease your child's package at any time. For our competitive/advanced students, there are more classes available which can be discussed directly with a member of staff. Sibling discounts are also available for those with more than 1 child wishing to attend.


Wednesday Half Board

Includes access to;

Wed Beg/Junior Acro

Wed Beg/Junior Freestyle


Full Board

Includes access to one of the following;

1- Wed and Thurs Beg/Junior

2- Thurs and Sat Beg/Junior

3- Wed and Sat Beg/Junior

Thursday Half Board

Includes access to;

Thurs Beg/Junior Acro

Thurs Beg/Junior Freestyle

Saturday Half Board

Includes access to;

Sat Beg/Junior Stage

Sat Beg/Junior Freestyle

Siblings attending both half board and full board sessions will receive a discount per student. Please ensure to enquire about our sibling discount if you have more than one child enrolling at classes.

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