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We understand that starting a new school may be daunting and there may a few queries that you may have so we have put together our most frequently asked questions. If you have any further queries we would be more than happy to assist you.


How old does my child have to be to attend classes?

Our classes start for children ages 2yrs upwards - do not worry if your child is not yet toilet trained this will not stop them being able to attend classes!


What should my child wear for classes?

Initially, we ask that children wear a comfortable top and leggings that allows for safe and free movement. Once your child has completed their settling in sessions we ask that uniform items are purchased.


Do I have to wait until a new term to join?

No! You are welcome to sign your child up to classes and join the same week if you wish. There are no restrictions to when you can start except if there are waiting lists in place.


How do I book a free taster session?

Once you have submitted enrolment forms for your child, we will choose a date that best suits you for your child to attend a free taster session.


Do I wait whilst my child attends classes?

Unfortunately, we don't have a waiting area for parents for the duration of classes. We work a one-way drop off and collection system however we can contact you if there are any issues.


Do classes run through school holidays?

Yes! Our classes run over a 50 week period each year allowing for 2 weeks off at Christmas. We believe this allows students to maintain their flexibility and fitness levels.


Does my child need previous experience?

Absolutely not! Whilst we welcome children who have previous experience who wish to attend our school, we pride ourselves on teaching children from a complete beginner level. 


Does my child have to compete?

No there is no commitment to compete. Our students work at different levels and the option becomes available once we have trained your child up to a certain level.


Do I have to pay for missed sessions?

Once your child has settled, fees are paid via standing order. This secures your child's place within their class and missed sessions are not reimbursed unless exceptional circumstances.


Do you offer private tuition?

Yes, private tuition is available however it is only for those students wishing to compete. Once we feel your child is ready to start private lessons we will contact you with more information.

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